The Alternative to Petroleum Based Produce Bags

The Alternative to Petroleum Based Produce Bags

Posted on: Monday, August 15th, 2016 in: Produce Bags

By: Natasha Naik


Living a more green and environmentally life, as with most things, usually means more little changes than large drastic ones.  One major and seeming unavoidable use of plastic is at the grocery store when it comes to produce bags.

While stores rightfully make efforts towards lessening the number of plastic bags used to carry groceries, what about the bags we put our vegetables in? Its hard enough to remember to bring reusable bags for groceries from the car/your home, so the idea of bringing reusable bags for cucumbers and oranges seems even more of a stretch.

Bioplanet has produced bags that are not just green in color but are made from a sugar pulp resin. Much like the trays and plates, the bags are 100% recyclable. These bags are more durable and are a great alternative to the petroleum based ones that are currently being used at most major supermarkets.

Watch these videos to learn more about this great alternative:











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