Truth Shall Bread You Free!


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Truth Shall Bread You Free!

Posted on: Friday, June 17th, 2016 in: News
By: Horacio Zuccolillo


Is it any wonder bread consumption has been on a decline the past couple of years?
Many have begun raising concerns regarding the health cons of eating bread and the “gluten” factor has greatly contributed to this decline. What many consumers don’t know though is that bread can be a very nutritious food if prepared correctly.

Many Americans have quit eating bread and other gluten filled products due greatly to the health movement and the demonizing of gluten in America. Yet, they don’t suffer the same reactions when eating bread in other parts of the world like Europe. These older cultures understand that bread can be a great companion or your greatest enemy, depending on how well you prepare it.

Since ancient times, our ancestors have known that in order to consume these grain
s one must first “ferment” them into what we call “sourdough” bread. There’s nothing really complicated about it; it’s mostly about letting the dough sit for about a day or so fermenting with the naturally occurring healthy bacteria all around us which break down gluten and make the nutrients more readily available.

Consumers are becoming more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies and understand their purchasing power with trends surfacing nowadays; forcing supermarkets, manufacturers and retailers to adjust their strategy to better suit customers demands and needs.

It’s no wonder consumers are avoiding supermarket bread filled with long ingredient lists (half of which we can’t even pronounce), as they search for healthier, “artisanal” alternatives at farmers markets.

So the next time you’re out to buy a loaf of bread remember: “all bread really is, is “flour, water and salt”.

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