About Us


At Bioplanet Corp., we extract virgin cellulose fibers from agricultural residues or plants with short life cycle, like bamboo and palm. Such plant tissues are put into a semi-mechanical pulping system, specially engineered to separate fibers with mechanical actions instead of chemical means. Absolutely chlorine and sulfur – free, our unique pulping system not only causes minimal environmental hazard, but also minimizes our costs by eliminating pollution charges and expensive chemicals.



Will decompose in a landfill within 90 days or can be recycled as paper.


Resistant up to 400°F microwave temperatures. Non toxic substances generated during the heating process.


It could be used for cold storage and refrigeration, helps to retain original food taste and will hold the product shape for a week.

Water and Oil Proof

Up to 215°F in hot water and up to 250°F in hot oil.


With stable character, the products could be kept in normal temperature for two years.


Our disposable products are a wonderful solution for all gatherings such as parties, picnics; for the foodservice industry, wholesale clubs, and retail sale as well.

Multiple Raw Materials Sources

Bamboo fiber, palm waste fiber and sugar cane.